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Monserrat Yacht- Galapagos Islands

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Monserrat yacht Galapagos Islands vacation cruise
4 Days Thursday to Sunday
Thursday: Charles Darwin Research Station
Friday: Sullivan Bay & Bartolome Island
Saturday: Bachas Beach & Dragon Hill
Sunday: Black Turtle Cove



Day 01 - Thursday: Santa Cruz Is. (Charles Darwin Station)
In the Morning your flight will arrive into the airport on the island of Baltra. You will be met by your tour guide and start off on a five minute trip from the airport down to the canal where you will take a five minute boat ride across to the island of Santa Cruz. From here you will board your transportation to travel across the island (Aprox. 40 minutes) to the main port town of Puerto Ayora where you will board the Monserrat yacht. After checking into your cabin we will have your lunch ready for you. In the afternoon we will visit Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the efforts made to preserve the flora and fauna in the Archipelago.
Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 02 - Friday: Sullivan Bay & Bartolome Island
In the morning, we visit Sullivan Bay lava field where we can set foot on Santiago’s last volcanic eruption, nearly 100 years ago. Here we can find shapes and textures of trees, which once existed here and Hornitos caused when pockets of gas or water trapped under the lava exploded. The Sullivan Bay Lava is known a Panoehoe (Hawaiian for Rope). This thin-skinned lava's molten material cools down after an eruption causing the surface materials to buckle creating a rope like appearance. Panoehoe Lava is rare to the rest of the world except for the volcanoes of Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands. Lunch at the yacht.

In the afternoon, we visit Bartolome Island with an area of 1.2 sq km. From here we can see the most frequently photographed and hence most famous vista of the islands. There are two visitor sites and footpaths. One begins from a jetty (dry landing) from where we walk 600 meters to the 114 mt. summit of the island from where we can take a picture with the famous Pinnacle Rock. The other visitor site is a small sandy beach in a cove (wet landing). Here there is good snorkeling and swimming and the opportunity to swim with the endemic Galápagos penguins which frequent this cove. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 03 - Saturday: Bachas Beach & Cerro Dragón
In the morning, visit Bachas Beach on the North end of Santa Cruz Island. Bachas is a nice beach with soft sand and clear water. Here you will have the opportunity to walk a trail leading to two lagoons where you may encounter Flamingos and other birds. This is also a nice place to snorkel which you will have the opportunity to do. Return to the yacht for lunch.

In the afternoon visit to Cerro Dragón, It gets its name because in 1975, was one of the only places in the Santa Cruz Island where the land iguanas were living in healthy condition. In this site, there is a small lagoon with shrimps, it is food for the flamingos.

Day 04 Sunday: Black Turtle Cove

In the morning we will visit, Black Turtle Cove is black salt water with different types of mangrove trees. It is one of the most important places for marine species reproduction; some of them are the marine tortoise, white tip sharks and some groups of golden rays. After the visit, your luggage will be waiting for you to start the one hour trip back to the Baltra Is. airport for your flight back to the mainland.

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Monserrat yacht Galapagos Islands vacation cruise

Monserrat Yacht- Galapagos Islands

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