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Monserrat Yacht- Galapagos Islands

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Monserrat yacht Galapagos Islands vacation cruise
5 Days Sunday to Thursday
Sunday: San Cristobal Island - Lobería/Galapaguera
Monday: San Cristobal Island - Sleeping Lion - Ochoa Beach
Tuesday: Española Island - Suarez Point & Gardner Bay
Wednesday: Floreana Island - Cormorant Point - Devil's Crown
Thursday: Santa Cruz Highlands


Day 01 - Sunday: San Cristobal Is. (Galapaguera, Puerto Chino)

In the morning arrive to San Cristóbal airport and transfer to the Monserrat Yacht for lunch.
In the afternoon, we will visit the “Galapaguera” this is a great place to see San Cristobal Giant Tortoises in the semi-wild habitat. This is one of the few places where we can find Calandrinia Galapagos, an endemic plant from San Cristobal.  This breeding center has been built to improve the status of the population of tortoises on the island, in an habitat with similar conditions to their natural environment. Afterwards, we will visit a beautiful beach in San Cristóbal, Puerto Chino one of the best beaches on the island. This is a gorgeous beach with soft white sand where we will enjoy a time of relax.

Day 02 - Monday: San Cristobal Is. (Cerro Brujo, Sleeping Lion, Playa Ochoa)

In the morning, we´ll visit this day will start with the volcanic cone of Cerro Brujo, from where we could see a beautiful sandy beach which teems with sea lions, pelicans, blue-footed boobies, wanders and marine iguanas. Return to the yacht for lunch.

In the afternoon we sail to visit Sleeping Lion, a little rocky island which because of a fanciful resemblance to a sleeping lion is named Leon Dormido. The English name, however, is Kicker Rock. The island is a sheer walled tuff cone which has been eroded into two smaller rocks. Finally we could enjoy some time at the beach at Playa Ochoa. Dinner and overnight onboard.

Day 03 - Tuesday: Española Is. (Gardner Bay-Suarez Point)

Española Island, often called by its English name of Hood, is the southernmost in the archipelago. It is a medium sized island of 61sq km and there are two visitors’ sites.

In the morning, we visit Gardner Bay which is a beautiful white sand beach at the east end of Española. It is reached with a wet landing and there is good swimming, and a sea lion colony. An islet rock, a short distance away, provides a good snorkeling opportunity. You can often see white  tipped reef sharks around it. . After your visit return to the yacht for lunch.

In the afternoon, we visit Suarez Point, which lies at the western end of the island. A wet landing is necessary. There is a trail of about two km in length which takes the visitor trough a beach full of marine iguanas, by masked and blue–footed booby colonies before reaching the main attraction, the waved Albatross colony which can only be seen on this island, Dinner and overnight onboard.

Day 04 - Wednesday: Floreana Is. Cormorant Point/Champion/Post Office/ Mirador de la Baronesa

The visitors’ area in Floreana is located at the north shore of the island. The trail has an approximate distance of 720 meters. During the trail we could see a lagoon, a viewpoint and a medium size of fine sand beach. At the lagoon we can find a flamingos colony and on the beach a nesting area for marine tortoises. In Cormorant Point are two plant species which are endemic from this Island: Scalesia and Lecocarpus pinaffitidus. The beach where we land has a large amount of olivine crystals, giving it the greenish color. There is another beach full of coral sand. These sites are host of rays which prefer places with sand and waves. Return for the yacht for lunch.
After lunch we’ll visit Post Office Bay and then Mirador de la Baronesa, a vista point on the northside of Floreana, in La Olla Bay. It is a basaltic rock formation between Cormorant Point and Post Office Bay. You will take a panga ride to reach this point. On the panga you can observe several marine species such as golden eagle rays, sea turtles, sea lions, mullets and eventually Galapagos penguins. Dinner and overnight onboard.

Day 05 - Thursday: Santa Cruz Is. (Highlands)
In the morning we’ll go to the Highlands of Santa Cruz where you will visit Rancho Primicias to view the Galapagos Tortoises in their natural habitat.   After the visit to Highlands the guide will take you to the bus where your luggage will be waiting for you to start the trip back to the Baltra Is. airport for your flight back to the mainland.

*Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

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Monserrat yacht Galapagos Islands vacation cruise

Monserrat Yacht- Galapagos Islands

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