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What to See in Galapagos Islands
The snorkelling possibilities in the Galapagos waters are endless. Penguins, marine iguanas, colorful fish, marine turtles, rays, and even sharks are just part of the underwater life you will see while snorkeling.

Sea Kayaks
To make your Galapagos experience an unforgettable close up encounter with animal life , we offer you the possibility of sea kayaks on board of some of our yachts. These easy-to-paddle sit on top sea kayaks will take you where no other craft allows. You will paddle among penguins, sea turtles, sea lions, rays, just to name a few. Nothing compares to the feeling of closeness to nature offered by this experience.

Galapagos Cruises
On most cruises you sleep on board, traveling between the islands at night and visiting the islands during the day.Boats are organized into three classes - Economic , Tourist and Luxury.  The reality however is that a good economic boat will be better than a poorly run but  more expensive luxury boat, so these distinctions can mean very little.  It is really important to get accurate information about the choices available. Tours vary in length from eight days, to as short as four days.

Galapagos Diving Tours
Diving tours are offered by a first class sail boat, every day. Divers share the water with an inmense variety of marine life.



For a unique Galapagos Vacation, Galapagos Vacation Cruises &Tours proudly presents a collection of exceptional collections of cruise ships and boutique yachts for the travel packages that will make your visit to Galapagos Islands an treasured experience. Call us for your next Galapagos Vacations

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